Essential Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficient Editing

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Final Cut Pro X, Tips and Tutorials

In this blog post, I’m going to share some of the most effective Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly. These shortcuts have greatly streamlined my editing process, and I believe they can do the same for you.

Speed Up Your Final Cut Pro Workflow

Editing can be time-consuming, but keyboard shortcuts are a game-changer. They can significantly speed up your editing process. Here, I’ll list the shortcuts I find most useful in my workflow.

Basic Playback and Navigation

  • Spacebar: Play or stop your project.
  • Command + and Command – : Zoom in and out of your timeline.
  • FN + Left Arrow: Jump back to the beginning of your timeline.

Setting In and Out Points

  • I and O keys: Quickly set in and out points in your browser or timeline.

Inserting Clips into the Timeline

  • Q, W, and E: Use these keys for adding clips to your timeline. ‘E’ adds the clip to the end, ‘W’ inserts it where the playhead is, and ‘Q’ adds it as a connected clip.

Volume Adjustment

  • Control + and Control – : Adjust the volume of a selected clip.

Cutting and Trimming

  • Command B: Quickly add cuts at the playhead’s position.
  • Option [ and ]: Trim the start or end of a clip to the playhead.

Using Markers

  • M key: Add markers to your clips for easy reference points or to mark beats in music.

Pasting with Attributes

  • Command Shift V: Paste with attributes, allowing you to choose what attributes (like color correction or effects) to copy from one clip to another.

Transform Tool

  • Shift T: Open the transform window for adjusting the size and position of your clip.

Speed Ramping

  • Shift B: Adjust the speed of a clip, creating speed ramps where needed.

Adding Text

  • Control T: Quickly add a basic text element to your project.

Shuttle Through Footage

  • J and L keys: Shuttle back and forth through your footage. ‘J’ reverses, and ‘L’ fast-forwards.

Trimming Clips

  • Option [ and ]: Trim the start or end of a clip to the playhead, a quick way to cut down clip length.

Why Keyboard Shortcuts Matter

Using these shortcuts has made my editing process not only faster but also more enjoyable. It allows for a smoother, more intuitive interaction with Final Cut Pro, letting me focus more on the creative aspects of editing.


Keyboard shortcuts are an essential part of any video editor’s toolkit. They save time and make the editing process more efficient. I encourage you to incorporate these shortcuts into your workflow and see how they can enhance your editing experience.

If you have any favorite shortcuts or tips for Final Cut Pro that I haven’t mentioned, please share them in the comments. Let’s continue to learn and improve our editing skills together!

Until next time, happy editing!

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