Switching to Sony from Panasonic

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Gear and Reviews

As many of you know, I’ve recently undergone a significant change in my camera gear, transitioning from Panasonic to Sony. This decision wasn’t made lightly, and I thought it would be valuable to share my journey, thought process, and the gear I’ve now embraced.

Why the Switch?

The History

I began my photographic journey about five years ago with a Canon 700D, an entry-level APS-C sensor DSLR. Two years later, I found myself doing more video work, leading to my switch to Panasonic. I chose Panasonic GH4 over Sony’s A7S II primarily due to budget constraints and lens affordability.

The Turning Point

After two years with the GH4, I faced limitations, especially in low-light photography and the desire for a shallower depth of field. I considered the Panasonic full-frame S1, but it would mean a new lens system. I eventually looked outside the Panasonic ecosystem and found Sony’s offerings more compelling, especially the A7 III.

My New Sony Setup


  • A7 III: My primary camera now. It offers excellent low-light performance and depth of field.
  • A6400: Chosen as a secondary camera. It’s portable and great for vlogging with its flip-out screen.


  • Sigma 24mm F1.4: My go-to lens for YouTube videos and low-light situations.
  • Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8: A versatile portrait lens.
  • Sony 90mm F2.8 Macro: Amazing for product photography and macro shots.
  • Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens: A lightweight option for the A6400, providing a wide range for overhead shots or as a second angle.


  • Bestview Monitor: Compensates for the lack of a flip-out screen on the A7 III.
  • Rode Videomic Pro and Videomicro: Essential for quality audio.

Why Not Panasonic?

Despite my fondness for the GH5, its limitations in low-light photography and the micro four-thirds sensor’s limitations led me to look elsewhere. Additionally, the need for expensive memory cards and an external recorder to fully utilize its 10-bit color capability was a significant drawback.

Sony: The Game Changer

Sony’s A7 III changed the game for me. It addressed my key concerns – low light performance, depth of field, and autofocus reliability. The improved battery life, better build quality, and improved color science were also significant factors. The price point of the A7 III, comparable to the GH5, made the decision easier.

The Transition

The switch wasn’t just about the camera body; it was an ecosystem change. Embracing Sony meant a new set of lenses and accessories, but the versatility and performance have been worth it.


Looking back, I realize that some of the features I thought I needed (like 10-bit color and high frame rates) weren’t as crucial for my work. Sony’s offerings provided a more balanced solution for my needs in both photography and videography. I’m excited about the projects I’ll be undertaking with this new setup.

I hope this post has been informative and maybe even a bit entertaining. If you’re on a similar journey, remember, the right gear is the one that best fits your needs and helps you tell your story effectively. Check out my gear list here!

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