Exploring the Joby Wavo Pro

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Audio, Gear and Reviews

In today’s blog post, I’m diving into an in-depth review of the Joby Wavo Pro microphone. This piece of gear has caught my attention for its unique features and potential impact on content creation. Let’s get into the details.

Key Features of the Joby Wavo Pro

Bluetooth Connectivity and App Integration

  • Bluetooth App: The Wavo Pro comes with a companion app for both iPhone and Android, allowing for Bluetooth connectivity. This feature provides access to a suite of tools, including live level adjustments and toggling features like the safety track and active noise reduction.
  • Active Noise Reduction: This can only be activated or deactivated through the app.
  • LED Brightness Control: Useful for low-light environments where a bright LED might be distracting.
  • Auto Power On/Off: Can be enabled in the app and the mic remembers the setting even when disconnected.
  • EQ Settings: Offers the ability to fine-tune audio in the field, with options to save and share EQ settings.

Design and Build

  • Form Factor: Comparable to the Rode VideoMic Pro or Pro Plus, but slightly larger than the Rode VideoMic NTG.
  • Construction: Solid build with a bit of weight, indicating good quality and durability.
  • Tally Light Feature: Indicates if the microphone is on and the audio levels, with a more intelligent light on the back for peaking indicators.

Functionality and Performance

  • External Audio Input: Allows for connecting an additional microphone, offering flexibility for different recording scenarios.
  • Cold Shoe Mount and 3/8 Inch Thread: Enables mounting on a camera or a boom pole/mic stand for studio use.
  • Active Noise Reduction Testing: While running and moving, the active noise reduction feature was tested to evaluate its effectiveness in reducing background noise.

Personal Experience and Recommendations

Audio Quality

  • The Wavo Pro handled various environmental noises well, including wind and footsteps, indicating strong performance in outdoor settings.

App Usability

  • While the app provides useful features, its necessity for certain settings might not appeal to all users. Personally, I prefer having physical controls on the microphone itself for quicker adjustments.

Unique Selling Points

  • The additional audio input is a standout feature, especially for creators who frequently conduct interviews or need to connect multiple audio sources.
  • The app, despite its mixed utility, offers unique functionalities not commonly found in other microphones.


The Joby Wavo Pro is a solid contender in the microphone market, especially for content creators looking for a versatile, high-quality audio solution. Its unique features like the additional audio input and app integration set it apart from competitors, though the reliance on the app for certain functionalities might not suit everyone’s workflow.

If you’re in the market for a microphone that offers both quality and innovative features, the Joby Wavo Pro is definitely worth considering. Remember, the right gear can significantly enhance your content creation journey.

Check out the Joby WAVO Pro: https://geni.us/91pmGR

Also mentioned Rode Videomic NTG: https://geni.us/OvAD

And Rode videomic pro plus: https://geni.us/kY01


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