The Joby Wavo Boom Arm: My Review of This Versatile Home Studio Tool

by | Mar 12, 2023 | Gear and Reviews

As a content creator, I’m always on the lookout for gear that can enhance my setup. Recently, I’ve been using the Joby Wavo Boom Arm, and I must say, it’s been a game changer. Here’s my detailed review of this product, sharing why I think it’s an essential tool for creators.

Unboxing and First Impressions

When I first received the Joby Wavo Boom Arm, it came in a well-packaged box containing:

  • The boom arm itself
  • A desktop clamp with a mug cup holder and headphone stand
  • Adapters for mounting different microphones or cameras
  • An Allen key for tension adjustments
  • Black and red strips for cable management
  • A secondary mounting plate for solid wood desks

Setting up the boom arm was a breeze, taking only a few minutes to assemble and mount on my desk.

My Journey to the Perfect Boom Arm

Before discovering the Joby Wavo, I went through various setups, from using a GorillaPod and a full microphone stand to browsing Amazon’s plethora of cheap boom arms. However, these options were either cumbersome, rickety, or just not up to the mark. The high-end options like the Rode PSA1 were great but quite expensive. This is where the Joby Wavo Boom Arm fits perfectly, offering a middle ground in terms of price and quality.

Design and Build Quality

The arm is made of aluminum with plastic elements, giving it a sleek and smart look. It’s incredibly functional, staying put wherever I position it, which is a refreshing change from the less reliable arms I’ve used in the past. The adjustable tension feature is a bonus, allowing me to tighten or loosen the arm as needed.

Versatility in Use

Though primarily a microphone boom arm, I tested it with my Sony a7s3 and a Sigma 24mm F1.4 lens. While it managed to hold the camera, it was definitely at its limit. However, for lighter cameras or smartphones, it’s ideal for a streaming setup. Personally, I’ll be using it mainly for microphones.

Integrated Cable Management

One of my favorite features is the integrated cable management. It’s simple and effective, with plastic strips that easily pop out to allow cable routing. The choice between red or black clips adds a nice touch of customization.

Mounting Clamps

The boom arm comes with two types of clamps: one for edge mounting and another for through-desk mounting. Both have rubberized sections to protect the desk surface. While I would have preferred black clamps to match my setup, the red ones are hardly noticeable and don’t detract from the overall aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

The Joby Wavo Boom Arm is a fantastic product that fills a much-needed gap in the market. It’s not as flimsy as the cheaper options nor as pricey as the high-end ones. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confidently say it’s reliable, practical, and looks great on my desk. It’s become a permanent fixture for my streaming, video calls, and voiceover recordings.

Product Link

For more information or to get one for yourself, check out the Joby Wavo Boom Arm.

This post is based on my personal experience and review of the Joby Wavo Boom Arm, as detailed in my YouTube video. For a visual representation and more insights, be sure to watch the video.

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