My Top 12 Tips for Elevating Vertical Video Content

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Tips and Tutorials

As a content creator who’s passionate about video production, I’ve recently focused on the art of vertical video content. In my latest YouTube video, I delve into 12 key tips that have significantly improved my vertical videos. Here’s a personal breakdown of these insights, straight from my own experience.

1. Shooting Strategy

When I shoot for vertical content, I always start in portrait mode. This approach simplifies editing for platforms like Instagram or TikTok. For multi-format content, I shoot wider in landscape, allowing room for effective cropping later.

2. Structured Storytelling

In the world of short-form content, delivering value quickly is crucial. I follow a five-part structure: hook, setup, conflict, resolution, and call to action. This keeps my storytelling tight and engaging.

3. Video Length Variations

I’ve noticed a trend towards shorter Instagram Reels, but it’s important to find a balance. I experiment with different video lengths to see what resonates best with my audience and the content type.

4. Repurposing Landscape Content

I often use tools like Motion VFX’s M Vertical plugin to transform landscape content into vertical formats. This tool is a lifesaver for adapting content across different aspect ratios, especially in Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

5. Pace is Key

Given the short attention spans of viewers, I keep my videos fast-paced with quick cuts and tight editing. Revisiting and refining edits ensures a smooth, engaging narrative flow.

6. Creative Use of Space

The extra vertical space is a playground for creativity. I use split-screen effects and overlays to make my videos visually captivating and dynamic.

7. Graphics and Text for Impact

I’ve found that graphics and text elements significantly boost storytelling. They not only reinforce my message but also add an engaging visual layer to keep viewers hooked.

8. The Importance of Captions

Many viewers watch videos on mute, especially on mobile. I use tools like CapCut or the Captions app to add subtitles, ensuring my message is clear, even in silent mode.

9. Avoiding UI Conflicts

When creating content for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, I’m careful to avoid placing key visual elements where they might be obscured by the app’s UI.

10. Effective Calls to Action

I always conclude my videos with a clear call to action. Whether it’s encouraging viewers to follow, like, or check out a product, this step is crucial for audience engagement.

11. Sound Design’s Subtle Power

Sound design is often overlooked in short-form content, but I’ve found that subtle sound effects can significantly elevate a video, setting it apart from the crowd.

12. Trending Audio: A Double-Edged Sword

While trending audio can increase views, it comes with risks. I prefer selecting my own royalty-free music, as it offers more control and ensures my videos remain polished and consistent.

Closing Thoughts

These 12 tips have been game-changers in my journey with vertical video content. Remember, the key is to experiment and discover what best suits your style and audience. Check out my YouTube video for more detailed insights and examples. Happy filming!

This post accompanies my YouTube video on the same topic. For a visual guide and more in-depth discussion, be sure to watch the video.

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