Enhancing Product Videos with DIY Virtual Production: A Liquid Death Spec Ad

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Behind the Scenes, Lighting

In my latest project, I embarked on a creative journey to shoot a spec advert for Liquid Death sparkling water. This was an opportunity to experiment with lighting and virtual production techniques using a TV as a background. Let’s dive into the process and the lessons learned.

Project Overview

The goal was to create a captivating product video for Liquid Death, focusing on creative lighting and virtual production techniques. I aimed to achieve a professional look using accessible equipment and a bit of DIY ingenuity.

Equipment and Setup

  • Camera: Sony A7S3 with a 90mm F 2.8 macro lens.
  • Support: A basic tripod and a cheap Amazon product turntable.
  • Background: A 50-inch LED TV displaying ambient videos from YouTube.
  • Lighting: Two Amaran T2C tube lights for backlights and a Weeylite Ninja 400 with a softbox overhead.

The Process

  1. Preparation: I used a coffee table and books to position the can, ensuring it was at the right height.
  2. Background Selection: I experimented with various YouTube videos on the TV to create interesting textures and backgrounds.
  3. Lighting Setup: The tube lights were positioned as backlights, and the overhead light was used to illuminate the front of the can.
  4. Challenges: Managing reflections on the TV and the can was tricky. I had to adjust the positioning to minimize these issues.

Shooting and Editing

  • Framing: The size of the TV limited my framing options, so I had to be mindful of keeping the background in the shot.
  • Hero Shot: I started with a hero shot and then moved around to capture different angles and details.
  • Editing: The footage was edited in Final Cut Pro. I used Phantom Luts for color grading and added sound effects from Artlist for depth.

Key Learnings

  1. Reflections: Managing reflections, especially on reflective surfaces like cans, is challenging. I considered using a large white sheet to bounce light for a more pleasing reflection.
  2. Stability: The turntable and the setup on a woolen rug caused some instability. A more robust turntable and a solid floor would have helped.
  3. Product Condition: Ensure the product is in pristine condition. Even minor dents or scratches can be amplified on camera.
  4. Background Size: A larger TV would offer more flexibility in shot framing. However, achieving similar effects with a black background and post-production overlays is also possible.


This project was a great learning experience in DIY virtual production for product videos. It shows that with some creativity and the right tools, you can achieve professional-looking results even in a home setting.

Watch the Video

Check out the final spec advert for Liquid Death on my YouTube channel here.

This blog post is an accompaniment to my YouTube video. For a more detailed look at the process and the final product, make sure to watch the full video.

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of creativity together!

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