My name is Will Chidlow. I like making digital stuff. Web & print design, videography, photography, marketing, content creation, that sort of thing…

By day I work for Liquid Light, a digital agency in Brighton, as a Web Designer. My role there includes many aspects of web design: project planning, information architecture, user experience design (UX), design, project management and helping businesses effectively communicate with their audiences through appropriate messaging.

My evenings are spent on freelance and passion projects and I have worked with a wide variety small to medium sized businesses. These range from artists to fashion brands, international charities to hairdressers. Within these projects I have delivered a range of services including web design, print design, digital marketing, social media campaigns and material, branding, and corporate identity. I am also hugely into film & photography, designing posters, electronics, custom lettering and designing unique illustrations.

I am a massive lover of technology and I am often intrigued about the latest gadget and gizmos – often finding new and exciting ways to incorporate them both into my hobbies and client work.