Sutton Winson - Not your typical Broker

Project with Liquid Light

The Project

Working with Liquid Light, I was tasked to design, plan and build a new website for Sutton Winson that would better represent them as a business and provide a scalable and comprehensive guide to their offering and services.

By conducting a series of workshops with key stakeholders we were able to understand what makes Sutton Winson stand out from their competitors and how best to communicate their USP’s throughout the new website.

The team at Sutton Winson were really engaged throughout this process, not only bringing essential industry knowledge to the table but also a very clear focus on customer service. It became clear that this would be a key message to communicate throughout the final product.

Whilst our remit for the project did not include any brand work, the team at Sutton Winson were keen to evolve and modernise the visual identity of the company, with a view that the new website could help influence their future marketing and print design.