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I’m never happier than sharing my knowledge with like minded creative people, and love sharing my journey as I continue to learn and master the art of filmmaking and photography.
Let's learn together

Let’s learn  together

I started my YouTube channel in 2016 as an experiment in personal accountability. It was a commitment to myself to produce regular video content and improve my skills as a filmmaker and photographer.

What began as an experiment quickly turned into a passion and has now evolved into a vibrant community of filmmakers, photographers, and editors.

My goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire through a variety of content. This includes editing tutorials, tech reviews, behind-the-scenes videos, tips and techniques, and discussions about the challenges of creating high-quality video and photo content. I also share insights on the business side of being a freelance creative.

I am always thrilled to share my knowledge with fellow creatives who have similar interests. I enjoy documenting my journey as I continue to learn and master the art of filmmaking and photography.

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"Hi Will you're insanely cool with this channel. I've been to the U.K. and loved Cornwall. Keep up the great work!"


"With each update that Final Cut Pro does, I keep coming back to this video! You are doing the Lord's work. Thank you."


"Wow, this video hit me differently, bravo. Cheers"


"Its a MAGIC!!!!Thank you so much!!!!"


"Great video mate, really helped me out 👍"


"thank you sooo much, just saved my project, my laptop and me ☺️ ☺️"


"Very instructive and straightforward explanation. I'll be back 🙂"


"You are the MAN! Thank you so much. This is the only good tutorial on the internet as a FCP user 🙏🏼"


"To second some of the other comments, YOU JUST SAVED MY PROJECT! I was banging my head against the door when I remembered this video. Your explanation was great, and I breezed through the remainder of the edit."


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